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Extract more from each well

Increase daily production and total reservoir drainage

Our Axter tool suite will also enable us to install ICDs (Inflow Control Devices) in wellbores where this type of equipment is not already installed. As known, ICDs have become the standard technology installed in the reservoir contact area of well completions. However, as the reservoir and/or reservoir compartments change with regard to their delivery of fluids over time, the ICD choke settings quite often are no longer optimal. We can do something about that.

We will be able to remove or replace (or close off) inflow chokes as the reservoir delivery changes over time.

Retrofit sand screen

When inflow changes over time, it becomes evident that new zonal sections should be opened up for flow. However, this could present challenges with sand production. We are able with our technology to create a new liner window, where retrofit sand control may be installed.

Annulus B monitoring

Subsea wells typically lack pressure monitoring or wellhead hydraulic access to the B annulus (which is the void externally of the production annulus). Hence, it is well known that abnormally high pressures can be present in that area when a well starts producing warmer reservoir fluids. Such pressure can damage the wellhead, and the only action available is to shut down production to avoid a very costly failure. We can monitor and control that pressure, so that your well can produce at the highest rate you want with full safety.

The Axter penetration capabilities enable us to implement annulus B access when the tubing is removed for well recompletion. Then, when the completion is installed again, we will provide real time data showing pressure from that annulus. We can also implement controlled pressure relief, in case the pressure reaches excessive levels.

Detect and perforate

With Axter detect we are able to detect and orient guns away from any cables outside the casing/liner.