Ultra-sensitive tubular acoustic scanning tool

This powerful, Aarbakke Innovation developed, acoustic detection module is used to:

  • Find the location of microtube(s) outside a tubing string
  • Verify if the microtube(s) have been removed or cut
  • Enable perforation without damaging microtube(s) located outside a liner
  • Detect how the tubing is placed within the casing string (high/low side)
  • Pinpoint the longitudinal contact with the casing, where cement may not be sufficiently placed
  • Detect casing and/or tubing deformation
  • Determine whether there are objects outside the tubing and identify these
  • Inspect openings made in the tubular
  • Determine wellbore path (X, Y, Z)

Live feed data

This acoustic scanning set-up can be run together with custom tools (perforators) or in conjunction with the RETRIEVE/CUT modes of Axter’s portfolio. All AxterDetect functions are live fed to the user. No interpretation required.


Outer Diameter 3.425” (87 mm)
Maximum Makeup Length 700” (17 800 mm)
Maximum Working Pressure 5.000 PSI (345 bar)
Maximum Temperature 257°F (125°C)
Tubing Size 4-½”
Cable Mono-conductor