Expert microtube cutter tool

Compared to traditional solutions, the Axter Cut leaves no “bird’s nest” in the tubing. This allows for easy re-entry into the wellbore if required. With this tool, you can cut the microtube(s) and the tubing string so that no cable or control line extends over the cut tubing, which greatly simplifies subsequent operations, such as tubing retrieval, stabbing into the tubing with a tool, etc. It is well known in the offshore industry that such bird’s nests above a cut tubing have caused significantly increased fishing costs.

Clean cut

The Axter CUT configuration is set to cut microtubes in the production annulus through tubing in a direct and surgical manner to the point of operation. Our electromechanical cutter will cut the tubing in the same wireline intervention; providing high time efficiency and a clean cut during slot recovery preparations.


Outer Diameter 3.425” (87 mm)
Maximum Makeup Length 700” (17 800 mm)
Maximum Working Pressure 5.000 PSI (345 bar)
Maximum Temperature 257°F (125°C)
Tubing Size 4-½”
Cable Mono-conductor