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Key personnel

Hans Fjellanger

Managing Director
+47 900 52 712

Hans started his career as a “schoolboy” at Aarbakke in 1997. During his seven years at Aarbakke, he became a skilled CNC operator, graduated from Stavanger Offshore Technical School as well as studying at BI – Norwegian School of Management.

In 2004, Hans joined as a partner in Årdal Mekanisk Verksted providing machining and welding solutions to the Oil & Gas industry. He worked with sales and project management. In 2007, the company was acquired by the IKM Group and became IKM Maskinering. At that time, Hans stepped up and took a broader responsibility for sales on the manufacturing side of the IKM Group. During this period, he also held the role as Managing Director and partner of Axiom Engineering, a small engineering providing service for various start-up companies in Stavanger.

After a short period in Malm Orstad selling their topside and subsea products, Hans returned to the IKM Group and IKM Subsea in 2012. Hans was responsible for business development, sales, marketing and tendering towards new and existing markets and clients. During this period, IKM Subsea turned into a well-reputed subsea provider, with cutting edge technology.

Hans joined Aarbakke Innovation in June 2021 as Commercial Manager, responsible for the commercialization of Aarbakke Innovation’s own products, technologies and services.

Henning is a serial entrepreneur and inventor with a number of patents, and he started in the oil and gas industry in 1978, working for seven years in Norway as well as internationally on wireline, well testing and completions.

In 1985, he co-founded the company Lasalle Pressure Data in Norway, where the first permanent downhole electronic reservoir monitoring systems for the North Sea were developed. Also, this company performed slickline work. Lasalle was the basis for the permanent gauge business of Roxar and Baker. In 1992, he co-founded the company SubTech, where he developed more advanced permanent gauge systems and so called “intelligent” completion systems, and more. See This company was the basis for the Weatherford intelligent completions group as well as their reservoir monitoring group, where he worked until 2002.

He then went on to co-found several companies, such as Seabed Rig (now Robotic Drilling Systems), which was established on the basis of his invention. In 2006, he co-founded the company Ziebel, based on an invention he came up with for logging high-deviation wellbores by a semi-stiff carbon “rod”. The spin-off company Zilift in Aberdeen is based on his invention for permanent magnet-based downhole electrical pumps.

Henning currently owns the company Hansen Downhole Pump Solutions, which develops low-complexity pumps for gas well dewatering as well as oil production. He joined Aarbakke Innovation in February 2014 to come up with new technologies and methods that will provide solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Svein Bjelland

Technical & Operational Manager
+47 481 05 137

Svein started his career in the oilfield as a welltesting hand with Expro in 1985 before he moved over to slickline operations 3 years later.

During the next 8 years he shifted employer to Smedvig (now Archer) and moved from slickline assistant and up to slickline supervisor. He also worked for a year as Wellservice Supervisor contracted to Statoil. In 1997 Svein started working onshore as Field Service Manager with responsibilities for slickline and wireline operations towards the Norsk Hydro contract on Oseberg and Brage fields.      

In 2004 Svein moved to Aker Well Services (now Altus Intervention) and took on the position as Manager – Technical Support. In 2006 he was transferred to Oman for the Operations Manager and later the Country Manager position.  

In 2015 he joined Vanguard Oil Tools & Services, a local Omani completions company as Sales Manager before he in 2016 moved to Dubai and took on the role as Regional Manager for Wellcem AS. In 2019 he again joined Expro in Stavanger as Operations Manager – Welltest before he in 2020 moved back to Dubai as Product Line Manager for the new Expro product lines CoilHose and Octopoda.

Svein joined Axter by Aarbakke Innovation in June 2022 as Technical and Operational Manager for the Axter Downhole Machining technology.